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Since 1998, LASERTECH S.r.l. has followed a path led by a team of enthusiastically-minded laser specialists, who have gained their education in first-rate Italian universities and spent their trainee periods in German laser companies.

Our mission is to become the leading provider of precision laser engraving on many different materials.

LASERTECH S.r.l. is pleased to provide a job shop for all of your laser marking needs and durable labelling need. If you are producing limited production runs, or need to send parts in until you are ready to purchase an in house system.
We are able to handle just individual products, as well as a mass production.

We guarantee high production quality to our customers, shortest terms possible and reasonable prices.
We have a great experience of provision of services for many companies and we would be pleased to establish long-term business relations with your company.

We use the latest high tech software and digital hardware to produce the finest quality reproductions on almost any surface. If you have a project in mind we would be glad to work with you in developing products for resale of corporate gifts.  We mark with ROFIN and FOBA  lasers, for top result in quality. Differrent marking methods and sources (Nd-Yag or CO2) are used, to acheive the best result  on every type of material.

For specific applications or for information about the company, use the menu on the left to visit the various pages located here. If you have specific question or comments, you may fill out our information request form or e-mail us directly. Thanks!

At LASERTECH  quality of the working is first of all. LASERTECH makes careful and scrupulous checks during and after the phase of laser marking.

The checks are planned according to a meticolous internal quality control protocol and allow to LASERTECH to respect the agreed delivery time and to ensure a lasting quality.

The purpose of LASERTECH is to provide with its customers high quality products,

Lasertech s.r.l.
Via Redipuglia 154
21055 Gorla Minore (VA) - Italy
P.IVA 03000370126

Tel. +39 (0)331 601130
Fax +39 (0)331 603399

Laser engraving is a permanent marking system, extremely flexible to identify parts and components.

Laser marking systems increasingly replacing other more expensive and less efficient marking systems such as pad printing, hot stamping and screen printing.

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