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Innovative laser technology by LASERTECH is involved in many areas of industrial productions provide a higher precision, flexibility and productivity in mass production.


For fast marking of small and medium sized components laser marking is the only real solution. Not only is laser marking fast it is also unremovable (good protection against fraud), it gives extreme high quality marks, it is economical. Electronics products, particularly epoxy encapsulants, hybrid circuits, silicon wafers and injection molded switches/connectors/packages, have a long history of laser marking. Throughput indelibility of the mark and superior finish quality drive these applications, silicon wafers can be marked after photolithography without raising dirt or debris to contaminate the delicate surface.

To meet cleanroom conditions laser marking is the best there is. The most important feature for the medical industry is the high quality long lasting mark even on very small pieces (needles). An other quality of laser marks is that they are Bio Compatible. Meaning that parts with laser mark can be implanted in the human body. Medical products marked with laser include implantables such as pace makers, artificial joints and heart valves laser marks permanently without potential contamination of inks and chemicals.
The process can produce a dark, smooth mark on most metal surfaces so the mark does not trap blood or tissue material and thus simplifies cleaning and sterilization.

An unremovable mark is everything in the Aerospace & Aviation. Tracebility is utmost important during production and life time of the product. Many aerospace components need permanent identification without impacting the material characteristics or surface finish. Only non-contact laser marking can produce permanent images without compromising component integrity. Laser marking may also hold the solution to the growing problem of bogus replacement parts in the aerospace industry.

Laser marking in the automotive industry is the best way to achieve tracebility in a flexible way. Not only are all critical parts marked with tracebility codes but also back lit buttons are made with it. No other marking technology offers the required combination of speed, permanence, and computer imaging. Also laser engraved labels are used from many industry leader for part identification.


The advertising specialties industry has seen a major upsurge of decorative laser engraving in the 1990s – laser offers exceptional flexibility in engraved content: low volumes of parts and even one-offs can be marked economically. The laser engraving process allows personalization and customization of a wide spectrum of promotional products at resolutions up to 1200dpi.

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Laser engraving is a permanent marking system, extremely flexible to identify parts and components.

Laser marking systems increasingly replacing other more expensive and less efficient marking systems such as pad printing, hot stamping and screen printing.

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