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LASERTECH laser marking service provide a cost justifiable replacement for almost all other types of marking in any application. Laser marking of industrial products has numerous advantages like permanent inscriptions, easily readable, economical and flexible in form and content. Also common barcode and datas-matrix code are no problem.  With laser marking you get: mark permanence, graphic flexibility, process repeatability, incremental marking, non contact process, high speed and material flexibility.


LASERTECH offers high quality solution for your inventory. The raw material for the labels is high quality, fraud resistant acryl lamination. This labels cannot be removed without destruction after a professional application. They are resistant ot chemical and weather conditions, and are abration proofed. Laser engraved label are avaliable with or without continuing number, and with all established barcodes. It is also possible to insert number sequences or list of variables. But the most important is that laser mark is longer lasting than other label methods

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Laser engraving is a permanent marking system, extremely flexible to identify parts and components.

Laser marking systems increasingly replacing other more expensive and less efficient marking systems such as pad printing, hot stamping and screen printing.

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