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Laser marking offers many advantages over other marking techniques. A good laser marking requires careful considerations regarding the type of laser used, the properties of the material. In the following table we illustrate the advantages of laser marking:

Permanent mark
Highly accurate and repeatable. The laser beam placement is highly repeatable, within +/- 0,001"
High density
Non-contact process (does not alter or damage materials)
Well-defined images, even at small sizes. Even 0,020" high characters are possible
Laser causes either a thermal-chemical or photo-chemical reaction direct with the material; typically does not need pre- or post- processing
Environmentally friendly
Indelible or scratch-resistant marks
Can mark recessed areas easily
After marking, the product can be packaged for shipment
Precise placement of images even on irregular or curved surfaces
Ultimate in flexibility - any style code - 2D matrix, bar codes, text, graphics, photos

Circular laser marking Laser marking near vertical walls Laser marking on anodized aluminum plates

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Laser engraving is a permanent marking system, extremely flexible to identify parts and components.

Laser marking systems increasingly replacing other more expensive and less efficient marking systems such as pad printing, hot stamping and screen printing.

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